Friday, 2 March 2012

The Shame of Portsmouth Water - The Scandal of Havant & Waterlooville FC

Please Note: Since this article was published we have been contacted by Havant & Waterlooville Football Club Plc who would like us to make it clear that whilst the Under-15s team coached by Clarke plays under the same name it is no way, shape or form connected with the Official HAWKS Club. We are happy to publish this correction and issue an unreserved apology for any confusion caused.

Portsmouth Nazi Watch were disgusted to be forwarded the comments being made by 45-year-old Portsmouth Water supervisor Steven Clarke, a Leigh Park member of Portsmouth North East Division of the English Defence League [EDL].

Our disgust turned to shock when we discovered this diminutive ex-657 crew football hooligan has been allowed to propagate and spread his insidious and vile views to impressionable young boys as young as an official youth coach for Havant & Waterlooville Football Club.

We were astonished to find these views being openly spouted to young lads in the HAWKS Under 15s youth team by right-wing bigot and EDL member, Clarke, left, and have been left unchallenged since he took over the role several years ago when these boys, as young as NINE, came under his tutelage.

Clarke, who was suspended from his coaching position with young children in 2011 after being accused of assault against a minor, resumed his position earlier this year.

Claims by the far-right EDL that they are not homophobic are ripped apart by the obscene views of yet another member of their thuggish group.

We realised something was very, very seriously wrong when we read Clarke's views on the Gay members of our community. It reads like a Nazi Policy paper...

Yes, you are reading it right, as are the young lads he is in charge of, who look up to him and expect him to behave as a role model in his role as the coach of the Havant & Waterlooville Football Club Under 15s team. He beliefs all gay people are "disgusting and wrong" and "all gays should be put down". Clarke uses his Facebook page to organise coaching sessions, friendly games, training sessions and offer out advice to these teen footballers before and after the games. He also uses it to suggest, as above, that all homosexuals should be murdered and that all "muslims" are scum.

Well Herr Fuhrer Clarke, you challenged us to "charge me and see if I care". Well, not being the CPS we can't charge you, but what we can do is expose your reprehensible, disgusting, immoral, illegal dogma to the requested we expose your vile and shitty views and hope the Crown Prosecution Service will do their job.

If Steve Clarke held these views privately that would make him a pretty sad and sick individual, and certainly not the sort of person any customer of Portsmouth Water would want knocking on their front door, but the fact he actually promotes this disgraceful homophobic ideology directly in front of the impressionable young lads who he is there to mentor, nuture and protect is disgraceful. What do Havant & Waterlooville Football Club think they are doing letting this nasty nazi anywhere near our children?!? He has been in charge of this impressionable group of young boys for four years, since they were 9, 10 or 11 years old.

His views against every Muslim are well known locally, as is his membership of the far-right racist EDL. "Militant Islam"? No our diminiutative nazi boy hates ALL "muzzies":

What makes his vile and disgusting views even more untentable is his proud and repeated boasts about his time as a violent football hooligan in the infamous Portsmouth 6.57 Crew...again openly in front of the children he has been left in charge of by unsuspecting parents:

Clarke dismisses only 50 Chelsea fans "who would stand" (ie fight). They are MUGS for not having the "bottle" to fight. Remember this is the coach of an under-15s football team discussing this openly in front of the kids he is suppose to be in charge of and a role model to...

Clarke despise the fact they threw stones instead of going "toe to toe" ie having a good ruck.

We now have so much information on file about this unpleasant individual we are not sure what to use. But this reveals a very ugly side to both the people Portsmouth Water allow into our homes and a vile bigot and fascist Havant & Waterlooville Football Club allow to be in charge of our children!!!

EDL Nazi James Reid [Chris Bright] with Exposed Nazi Bigot Steve Clarke

Steve Clarke with the kids he has abused with his vile racist bigoted views